We assist Our clients with their wills, trusts, probate, bankruptcy and business incorporation.

ADAMS LAW OFFICE, LLC is a suburban Maryland and Washington, DC practice focused on WILLS, TRUSTS, & PROBATE, BANKRUPTCY, and BUSINESS INCORPORATION.

We go above and beyond helping people to server their WILLS, TRUSTS, PROBATE, BANKRUPTCY, and BUSINESS INCORPORATION. We first meet with our clients to create a spine of trust to address their issues.

– We create wills and trusts that solve a myriad of problems for our ESTATE PLANNING clients preventing unwanted intestate distributions, reducing Federal and State taxes, providing guardian instructions, preventing probate, asset protection, Medicaid planning and we also provide for special needs family members.

– ADAMS LAW OFFICE provides a new financial start for our CHAPTER 7 and CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY clients who are facing overdue bills, foreclosures, garnishments, and attachments.

– Our BUSINESS FORMATION clients benefit from years of experience to shield, form and create the appropriate business entity protecting their personal assets and creating or reviewing contracts for their business.

– For clients who are mourning the loss of a loved one, we handle the details of the ESTATE ADMINISTRATION and PROBATE so that they can focus on their emotional healing rather than the legal documents of a probate court.

ADAMS LAW OFFICE, LLC is here for you.
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