Business Formation Checklist

business formationPlanning Stage

  • Name Selection (check availability in-state, nationally, and online)
  • Business Plan
  • Entity Selection — Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LP, LLP, LLC, S Corporation, Corporation, Nonprofit Corporation
  • Business Location (home, online, brick & mortar)

Formation Stage

  • Name Registration (state-wide, trademark)
  • Entity Formation (state and Federal level)
  • Licensing
  • Insurance (state and professional requirements)
  • Bank Account
  • Financing (grants, loans, venture capital, etc.)
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Business Location (lease, purchase, zoning)
  • Internet Presence (e-mail, website)

Advertising/Marketing Stage

  • Announcements (publications, personal contacts)
  • Advertisements (yellow pages, other telephone books, newspapers, chambers of commerce, online, flyers, radio, TV)
  • Membership in Business Associations o Word of Mouth/Referrals

Establishing Company Procedures & Best Practices

  • Contract Generation & Review
  • Filing Systems
  • Computer Procedures (security, back-up)
  • Accounting & Tax Planning
  • Benefits Plan
  • Savings/Retirement Planning (IRA, 401K)
  • Deposit Procedures
  • Employee Handbook (responsibilities, benefits)