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Estate Planning Attorneys for Wills, Trusts, and Probate.

We help families get their financial house in order so they can leave a legacy instead of a mess!

ADAMS LAW OFFICE, LLC is a suburban Maryland and Washington, DC law practice focused on WILLS, TRUSTS, and PROBATE.

Our passion is helping people to leave a legacy and it is what drives our team each day to provide excellent, client-focused, and personalized service.
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  • Everything was explained clearly. We exchanged personal information securely. The end product was organized. Completing this process gave both my Mom and I a sense of relief.

    Deirdre Jones Avatar Deirdre Jones
  • Melody and her legal team provided me stellar professional service. I am put at ease that my estate planning will greatly benefit my family. Melody made this prcess easy and understandable.

    Debra Esty Avatar Debra Esty
  • I was recently looking for an attorney to help me with estate panning when I googled best rated estate attorneys in my area. Adams Law came up and I contacted them. It turned out they are top notch. I love the principle they demonstrated "client first". My experience working with the firm was great from start to finish. Attorney Melody Haynes was very thorough, knowledgeable, dependable and patient as we work through my plan. Working with her empowers me to educate friends and family regarding the importance of building a legacy for generations to come. - Winsome

    Winsome Modamwen Avatar Winsome Modamwen
  • I lost my brother on March 26, 2021 due to natural causes. He left his wife and 3 children intestate. I was completely illiterate about PROBATE processes. The funeral home where my brother was kept referred us to a probate attorney who I could immediately see from our initial phone call and a follow up call—did not have the professionalism or knowledge that I thought was necessary for this delicate situation. My daughter, who is a media professional found Adams Law Office online. She said that the reviews online stood out among the other probate attorneys. She also said that she called those 3 probate attorneys, including Adams Law and from the initial call, my daughter said, this is the company that we should use because “they seem to have the right answers to my questions and have excellent customer service.” My daughter was right. I have dealt with lawyers in different areas of practice. Adams Law stands out among the cultural norms of legal practice. Suren Adams is truly a class act and a state of the art professional. From the office secretary, staff, and attorneys, they ALL at Adams Law deliver the services that’s true to their mission statement. They communicate with their clients in a timely and efficient manner—which is unlike my experience with other lawyers. I never felt like I was bothering them because they maintained constant communication with me on my brother’s probate case. In those communications (via email or phone calls), they were always very friendly, showed compassion, and were always above and beyond helpful to me and my family. I highly recommend everyone use Suren Adams Law Firm if you are looking for a team that is reliable, proficient, honest, ethical, compassionate, friendly, has integrity, and goes above and beyond to help families through difficult times of loss and legal challenges. I am grateful to the Divine Being that led my daughter online to select Suren Adams and her team at Adams Law. -- Lucy E. (Apple Valley, MN)

    MamaLu Ekanem Avatar MamaLu Ekanem
  • Great law office to work with. The discussions and paperwork can be difficult and extremely overwhelming, but Pansy worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were doing what was best for us and our family. The team was extremely responsive from the first phone call, kind and professional in all conversations, and met our deadlines without issue. We are very grateful to the Adams Law Office team and will definitely be utilizing their services again in the future!

    Kathleen Vander Kaaden Avatar Kathleen Vander Kaaden
  • I was looking for a law firm to help me set up a trust for my estate. It became an urgent priority to me when my husband passed away unexpectedly without leaving a will. I came across Adams Law Office, LLC, and they were an answer to my prayers! I was treated with compassion and professionalism in every step of my journey. It was not a complicated process, and my attorney explained everything I needed to know and do to achieve my goal. I have recommended Adams Law Office to several of my close friends, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fair, honest, and competent law firm to help them with their legal needs.

    Cheryl Gould Avatar Cheryl Gould

In our ESTATE PLANNING practice, we create personalized plans including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and Guardianship documents for minor kids that solve a myriad of issues for our clients. A well drafted Estate Plan will help prevent probate, provide asset protection, prevent unwanted intestate distributions and mis-management of assets, reduce or delay Federal and State taxes, provide guardian instructions and Medicaid planning, and can also provide for family members with special needs.


Our PROBATE practice area focuses on helping our clients who are mourning the loss of a loved one. We handle the details of the Estate Administration with the Register of Wills Office and Probate Court so that our clients can focus on their emotional healing rather than the legal documents and probate court requirements.


In our GUARDIANSHIP practice area, we help our clients who have family members that are no longer able to handle their own affairs. Through our Guardianship representation, we help to navigate the court process for taking over the management of a loved one’s finances and medical care. Whether this situation occurs from a medical condition like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke, or from drug or alcohol addiction, we are here to help when your loved one no longer has the capacity to handle things on their own.


The legal team at ADAMS LAW OFFICE, LLC is here to help!

Call today to set up a consultation with one of our Estate Planning or Probate lawyers: (301) 805-5892

Are your Affairs in Order?

"How to Leave a Legacy Instead of a Mess"


Why a Will is NOT enough.
How a Trust works and the benefits of using one in your estate plan.

Plus, learn how to:

Protect assets for your beneficiaries from creditors, tax issues, divorce, or mismanagement.
Avoid probate and get assets to your family quickly without wasting time and money in conflict or court – DO NOT leave contention as your legacy.
Control how and when assets are distributed to your beneficiaries.
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What Our Clients Say About Us
  • “I have attended a few seminars on Estate Planning, and I was aware that I needed to start this process sooner than later. I was fortunate to attend an Estate Planning seminar presented by Suren Adams. I was very impressed with her professionalism, her impeccable knowledge of the subject matter, and the ability to present the information in an understandable language. Suren’s noteworthy credentials speak for themselves, and her service costs are comparable to others in the area. I would highly recommend her service to anyone who is interested in the Estate Planning process. I guarantee that once you attend Suren’s seminar, you will not delay in starting the process today!”
  • “My husband and I had an Amazing Experience! I found the Adams Law Office when I discovered the book by Suren Adams called “Leaving a Legacy Instead of a Mess”. After I read the book, I just know I wanted the Adams Law Office to handle my family affairs! From the time we contacted the office to completing our estate/trust planning and signing our documents, everything was top notched! The Adams Law Office has an amazing and professional, personable team!! Our Lawyer, Melody, is outstanding! She explained every detail from top to bottom, page by page without rushing through the whole process. You can see the passion she has for this service to and for the people and families. She listened to our needs and wishes and made everything run smoothly. Melody thank you for your excellent consultation and excellent service! My husband and I are very pleased. I even told Melody this is her ministry! Knowing that she cares about every detail whether big or small means a lot to us! Melody and her team get 5 stars and more!!!! We appreciate the whole team and thank you so much!!! Melody, knowing we can contact you with any questions or concerns means a lot as well!! Melody, you are a blessing!! Suren Adams, thank you for writing your book, creating the Adams Law Office, and creating and amazing team!!” – Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Baltimore, MD.
  • “I lost my brother on March 26, 2021 due to natural cause. He left his spouse and 3 children intestate. I was completely illiterate about PROBATE processes. The Funeral Home my brother was kept referred us to a probate attorney who got the family stuck for 3 months without any action. Finally on the 4th month my daughter who is a media person got online and found Adams Law Office. I have dealt with lawyers in different areas. Adams Law stands out among the cultural norms. Suren Adams is a state of the art professional: From the office secretary to the main stream professional staff, they deliver the services neatly fit to their ‘Mission Statement’. Timely communication with the clients is incomprehensible among my experience with others in the field. I highly recommend without reservation to use Suren Adams Law Firm if you are looking for a reliable, proficient, honesty, integrity, and go beyond and above to save families. I am grateful to the Divine Being that led my daughter online to select Adams Law. – Lucy E. (Apple Valley, MN)”

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